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Village Food Project – No child should remain hungry and everyone has a basic right to halal food in accordance with their dietary cultural needs.

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Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK)

We are told by the beloved Messenger (ﷺ) that “Doing good for others protects one from calamity and charity extinguishes the anger of the Lord.”

This is the time to help yourself and help others. Please give generously.

Ramadan 2021 Iftaar Appeal

Ramadan is a time of reflection for us all. A month that is full of Blessings & Rewards.

As Believers, we not only gain closeness to the Almighty but also count everything that we have been blessed with.

However, there are some families amongst us who struggle to make ends meet in normal circumstances let alone Ramadan.

The Village Food Project provided 45 Aftari meals on a daily basis last year. However this Ramadan there are many more people that have been referred to us and the numbers have increased to 75. The recipients include students, refugees and Asylum seekers and single families.

Each meal is freshly prepared on a daily basis & is individually packed using COVID safe food guidance and will be delivered to the homes.

village food

Read more about our history below:

The Village Food Project

Since August 2018, a small group of active sisters from Nottingham have been voluntarily providing cooked meals to refugees and the homeless as part of their work in the community. The amount of food distributed along with demand for cooked meals grew year on year but increasingly from other members of the community including families with children who were struggling. This was the catalyst for formally establishing The Village Food Project.

This unique project for providing balanced nutritious halal meals came about directly as a result of the needs of the local community whose dietary cultural needs were not being met through the food banks. We witnessed first-hand cases of children, who normally rely on free school meals, going hungry during school holidays, or families who were struggling were unable to fund suitable food at the local food banks. We started providing meals for these children and families which resulted in our team quickly becoming overwhelmed by many similar cases. 

With the help of the generous support from the local community, we started regularly providing meals discreetly to many households and this formed the start of the Village Food Project. We now work with local schools, the law centre, hospitals and other service providers who refer families to our project for support. Figures from Nottingham City Council alone show that 25,148 children (38%) in the city are considered to be living in poverty.

Village Food Project

During the holiday period, the number of people in need of extra help increases dramatically. Our thoughts are always with the children who would normally receive a free school meal but do not have access to lunch and therefore may have to survive the entire holidays with what little their parents can afford. We distribute food parcels and cooked meals discreetly to families during the holidays on a regular basis.

Some of the cooked meals we provide include:

  • Children during school holidays
  • Refugees
  • The homeless
  • Struggling families
  • Families of patients in hospitals
  • Victims of domestic abuse

Village Food Project

Our Vision is to set up a culturally appropriate food bank in the new year which will cater to the needs of the diverse community in Nottingham. All our services are free and we rely on donations and the goodwill of the community in order for us to carry on with our work. Please support us to make this a reality so that no one will go hungry.

Insha’Allah with your support if we are successful in establishing this halal food bank, we hope to expand this concept to other cities either ourselves or by supporting other local initiatives. We have a communal responsibility to ensure that our neighbours’ aren’t hungry in accordance with the hadith:

Ibn ‘Abbas told Ibn az-Zubayr, “I heard the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, ‘A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour is hungry.'”

Village Food Project

Please support our work and pray for its success. No person should remain hungry and everyone has a basic right to halal food in accordance with their dietary cultural needs.

As the cold weather approaches the number of referrals increases rapidly. Every amount will make a huge difference and will mean that we can feed more people.

Village Food

It costs just £5 to prepare and deliver a cooked healthy nutritious meal. We ensure that we only use high-quality ingredients which are halal and tayyib and we always deliver meals discreetly to always maintain the recipient’s dignity. We thank you on behalf of the beneficiaries for reading our page. May it be a source of endless blessings for you and your families.

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A single cooked nutritious and filling meal and delivered to one person in COVID secure packaging.

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Five nutritious cooked meal prepared and delivered to 5 individuals in COVID secure packaging.

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This pays for cooked meals provided to a group of 10 or more people in COVID secure packaging.

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Support the costs of running the Village Food Project.

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Village Food Project
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