Urgent fundraising appeal for rain flood victims in Karachi

Help us raise £10,000 to aid the homeless and those displaced by flash floods in Karachi, Pakistan. Your generosity will be well received in this time of need.

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Karachi, Pakistan

Due to heavy rainfall – landslides and flash floods have erupted in different parts of the city – destroying homes, infrastructure and vehicles. Now with loss of life rising, Armed Forces have begun evacuation for hundreds of vulnerable, low income  families. Some of the major affected areas are Yousaf Goth, Sarjani Town and District Dadu. 

Your generosity is urgently needed to help us raise £10,000 to aid the homeless and those displaced. Please come together and donate. Your generosity will be well received in this time of need.

Where elevations exist across certain parts of the city e.g. KDA, landslides have causes damage to property and infrastructure

Families having no option but to relocate

Those below the poverty will stay until there is no other recourse



An elderly woman alongside many living in the same area, try to salvage as much as they can from their destroyed homes.

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