Three classrooms construction

All children around the world need viable places for a good education and the children in this private school do not know about these benefits.

The objective of this project is the construction of three modern classrooms, a school administration, a block of three latrines and the equipment of these classrooms.


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Sabalibougou, Bamako, Mali

Today the pupils of the private Sabugnuma school study under old tin sheets because the supporter, a very committed man, could not build classrooms.

Numbering 122 children, each class is led by a teacher who is very committed to giving lessons while respecting the government program.

All classes are old rusty sheets that can hurt at any time.

Knowing that education is a right for every child, these innocent people do not deserve such a place to be taught.

In the Sabalibougou district where this school is located, most of the parents are poor, which is why they bring their children to this establishment.

You cannot imagine how these children live in this school. The education conditions are very poor, which is why we are asking for the construction of three classrooms, a directorate, a block of three latrines with adequate equipment.

The education conditions of these children are so poor that we ask for help from all the people who will take the time to read this project.

Children are not responsible for this situation and we do not have the right to leave them in these conditions.

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Estimated Delivery: Dec, 2021


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