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The Invitation Magazine has been running for over 30 years Alhumdulillah, our publication was one of the first to reach Muslim households in the 80’s. Starting from humble beginnings our first copy was put together by a group of committed volunteers. We wanted to make a difference to peoples lives by expanding their horizons through a periodical publication that educated, enlightened and spread Dawah amongst the community.


Islam teaches moral, spiritual and social values, three vital forces, and we wish to guide readers in order to develop these key aspects of our faith.

We want to enrich our readers with moral values of compassion, honesty and patience these are values that will make them resilient to stress and the scourge of corruption.

Diversity, pluralism and differences among humanity are great assets that we need to share. The Invitation is about sharing similarities of beauty, the goodness of human nature and the possibilities of creating a compassionate and loving world. We have a thousand and one stories to tell from the Quran and the traditions of our beloved Messenger ﷺ.

We focus on the essence of Islam: peace, trust among communities and personal and moral development of the individual and the family. This is our invitation, open to all humanity.


To inspire a confident, pious, patient and kind identity in our readers. To demonstrate the life-changing power of Islamic teachings, the life-enriching message of the Majestic Quran, the best remedy for a flourishing life as our Lord wants us to live.

To become an effective antidote to racism and the hatred of the other. Our purpose is summed up by the words of Allah “Invite to your Lord’s way wisely: teaching in a pleasant manner” (Nahl: 125).


We want to celebrate the accomplishments of our doctors, teachers, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, civil servants and social workers. We will applaud mothers and parents who have committed themselves to bring up good citizens. We will praise the tireless charity workers and the elderly who have built our 2,000 mosques up and down the country. We will pay tribute to the women and men who run the 200 plus Muslim schools.


We have great opportunities to spread the positive, health-giving and compassion-filled message of Islam. We can help readers to align themselves with the Divine purpose of life and help them to understand the meaning of their probationary period on earth. We can enrich them with personal moral values of compassion, honesty and patience these are values that will make them resilient to stress and the scourge of corruption.


“Whose speech can be better than the one who calls to Allah and acts righteously and openly says: “I am a Muslim.”” (Fussilat: 33).

The most important thing about Dawah is not just about spreading the good news of Islam but showing the beauty of the faith while doing so. This explains why gentleness, kindness, compassion, wisdom, and empathy are the methods recommended for doing Dawah in Islam.

Your support as Sadaqa Jaariya (continuous charity) will benefit the Invitation by taking it online and helping us to develop it even further. You will be helping to share the light of Islam, as we progress on our journey to reach the Muslim Ummah through our wonderful website.

Our goal is to reach the Islamic Global community so that they can themselves be informed about Islamic teachings, read about current developments in Science and Medicine, Holistic personal development and join the Invitation to take part in debates and discussions on trending topics. 

“There should always be a group among you that calls people to what is best, enjoins the common good and forbids evil; these people are the successful” (Ale-Imran: 104).


The invitation brings a different dimension in news, its journalism is based on ethical and introspective reporting giving readers the news that matters not just about Muslims, but also global developments that are not covered by mainstream media.

Do not force your children to behave like you, for surely they have been created for a time which is different to yours” (Hazrat Ali).

We have to prepare the next generation of the Ummah through education, Dawah and developing individually. Their needs are very different from those that have gone before us. The Invitation will become the Islamic Hub for our Ummah, providing them with an informed perspective, give them guidance on key issues affecting the Muslim world.


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