Tharparkar Water Campaign

Please support our campaign to help the people of Tharparkar and provide them with clean water.

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Tharparkar, Pakistan

We are fundraising for Tharparkar in Pakistan where the death toll in 2018 was 510 children due to malnourishment and is now 1,500.  The Government of Sindh has declared that Tharparkar is a calamity affected area due to extreme drought conditions.

Please support us to help them in these severe conditions and give them life by offering them water aid. So far 20 water wells and 200 hand pumps have been given throughout Tharparkar.

The prices of the hand pumps vary. The basic manual hand pump is £150, a more refined water pump (green hand pump) costs £350. Muslim Rose Welfare has made a huge difference to the lives of the neediest people in Tharparkur Desert in Pakistan and the water aid will continue to give the community the supply of water they need to survive.

Our brothers and sisters in Thraparkar need our help today and providing water is one of the best forms of sadaqah jariah.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “Providing water”’. [Hadith – Sunan Abu Dawud]

May All reward you for your support.

Muslim Rose Welfare

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