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Muslim Rose Welfare providing food for the needy children and orphans in Tharparkar

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Tharparkar, Pakistan

We are fundraising for Tharparkar in Pakistan where the death toll in children due to malnourishment and is very high.  The Government of Sindh has declared that Tharparkar is a calamity affected area due to extreme drought conditions.

Muslim Rose welfare is providing food for the needy children and orphans in the desert where people live below the poverty line in the most underdeveloped area in Pakistan.

An area where 1.2 million people live without the necessity of life such as food sanitation water school medical dispensaries gas or electricity.

Our brothers and sisters in Thraparkar need our help today and providing food is one of the best forms of sadaqah jariah.

May Allah reward you for your support.




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We are a UK registered charity providing clean, safe drinking water, clothing, food, milk packs and medical aid to the needy.