Support project for the care of 120 children

Orphans and children from poor families risk not going to school due to lack of financial support.

The future of these children is in jeopardy if action is not taken in time. Education being a right for all children, the “Le Pédagogue” school has for over 12 years helped orphans and children of poor parents.


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Djicoroni Para, Municipality IV of the District of Bamako, Mali

In their Millennium Declaration (2000), the United Nations had defined as the second development objective: “To ensure primary education for all” that is to say, by 2030, to provide all children, boys and girls everywhere, the means to complete a full course of primary education. The current state of public expenditure on education is unsatisfactory and is characterized by a significant imbalance in the distribution of expenditure to the detriment of basic education. This imbalance further marginalizes the area of our project, an area where the enrollment rate is one of the lowest in the country given the purchasing power of heads of household.

This project aims to strengthen the schooling capacity of children in commune IV of the district of Bamako in general and in the districts of Djicoroni Para, Lafiabougou, Sébénicoro and Kanadjiguila in particular.

Today all parents are unanimous that education is the foundation of all development, but poverty means that many heads of families are unable to give this right to their children.

The school “Le Pédagogue” is a reference today in Mali with a success rate of over 95% in exams. The first nationals come from this school.

All the teachers in this establishment have a pedagogical quality which makes the school a good address for parents.

This school which has more than 12 classrooms and more than 20 teachers is known by the government of Mali for the seriousness of the work but also for the acceptance of orphans and children from poor families.

The promoter in the person of Mr. Abdoulaye KEITA, teacher by training, made a commitment to serve Mali through a good education, his love for the child is known to all.

Today, orphaned children and children from poor families who fail to pay regularly are a very serious problem within the establishment.

Orphans have every right to go to school like everyone else, but today they need support and that is why we are doing this campaign.

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The names of all donors will be written in the establishment's guestbook. Also in all directions, photos of donors will be placed, a large plaque will be placed at the entrance of the school with the mention: May God bless all donors.

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