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Support a child to receive an Islamic education.

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, Pakistan

Since 2009 our Madrasah has supported hundreds of orphans and street children and provided education to enable them to seek employment after graduating.

Many of these children take up roles as teachers and pass on the knowledge acquired to others.

By supporting this campaign, you will be benefitting in four ways:

Helping the poor and needy.

Providing an education.

Supporting an orphan.

Ongoing reward (Sadaqah Jaria) for everyone who learns from a student you supported.

There are numerous rewards for each of these actions but just imagine the reward when you combine all of them!

The Madrassah is located in the city of Lahore in Pakistan. An area where there is a large number of street children who come to the big city to survive but often get exploited and end up in a life of crime. Please provide them with the opportunity to turn their life around.

May Allah bless you and your family for your support.



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