Project to build a home for orphans

Without adequate housing, no life is possible, which is why this strong appeal from orphans to save their guardian who is threatened with expulsion in four months.

We have lost our parents have been taken care of by him for years. We appeal to anyone who is convinced that the benefit is never lost, to come and help us find a home.

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Bamako, Mali

This project is an appeal by 20 orphans whose goal is to have a home not only for them but for their guardian who has sheltered them for more than ten years and who is threatened with eviction because he is rented.

The tutor who has devoted his whole life to caring for orphans, widows, families in difficult situations with his means and who finally created a charity organisation has contributed in the fight against poverty, unemployment and participated in the sponsorship for more than ten years of orphans.

Since 2012 when our country Mali has been plunged into growing insecurity causing many deaths, many children have lost their parents and no longer knowing where to go, many of them have been accommodated for more than 7 years by the person in charge of this organization because he dedicated his life to the defence of the poorest.

The orphans numbering 20, including ten girls, are cared for by this manager, that is to say, they are all housed at his home and attend a school like other children in the country whose school fees are paid, they are well dressed and are all in very good reception conditions.

Often supported by outside partners, the guardian of these orphans who normally paid for the rental was told he would have to vacate the premises by the end of May 2021.
Not having the means to buy a new home, the orphans came up with this fundraising idea to build a dwelling house for their guardian and also for themselves.

Mali, with half of the population under the age of 15, clearly displays children’s rights as a political priority. However, much remains to be done to fully realize these rights: improving access to health, education, reducing poverty, child labour, etc.

Main problems faced by children in Mali: Poverty 36% of the Malian population lives below the poverty line. Studies show that one in two Malian children lives in poverty. Mali is therefore one of the poorest countries in the world. It should be noted that 65% of the surface of its territory is covered by the desert, while 80% of the population works in agriculture or fishing. Right to health The infant mortality rate is particularly high in Mali, with 191 deaths per thousand births. Life expectancy at birth is also among the lowest in the world. Despite the progress made in recent years in terms of immunization (especially against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio), many children still have no means of access to basic health care. the leading cause of infant mortality: malnutrition is acute in 15% of cases in Mali, and 20% of children are already born underweight.

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In defense of the voiceless: the women and children of Mali