Pakistan Winter Appeal

Zohra Foundation is a UK registered Muslim charity who want to improve the lives of the people of Pakistan.

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Pakistan, Pakistan

Support us to help the people of Pakistan this winter.

Pakistan is a country which is often portrayed in the media as a war-torn inferno, but nothing could be further from the truth. With its amazing people, beautiful landscapes and incredible culture amongst many other reasons to love Pakistan.

We all love the people of Pakistan, but unfortunately, every winter while we enjoy the comfort of our homes, thousands in Pakistan are living in extreme poverty and struggle for survival. This harsh reality becomes more desperate every year during the winter months because they don’t have any protection from the cold and can’t afford the essential items they need to cope with the weather.

For many poverty-stricken families in Pakistan, the winter brings hunger, illness and often death which can be avoided with the support of donors like you.

Please help us to ease the suffering of the thousands of people struggling through winter in temperature as low as -15 degrees.

Our teams are on the ground in Swat and Kashmir, providing help and support and standing by for your generous contributions.

Your contribution will pay for:

£30 – Blankets for a whole family.
£60 – Food parcel for a month.
£80 – Warm winter clothing.
£100 – A Stove and fuel pack.
£220 – Winter survival pack which includes all the essentials.

Zohra Foundation has been working in Pakistan since 2011 with numerous programmes mainly focusing on the elderly. Through our Adopt a Grandparent scheme, medical camps, social support and food aid we focus on ensuring that the vulnerable, elderly population get the vital services they need to survive.

Jazakumullah Khairan for your support.

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Blankets for a whole family

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Food parcel for month

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Warm winter clothing

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Stove and fuel pack

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Winter survival pack

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