Mystic Beats Daff Drumming Workshops

Inspiring Healing through Daff Drumming this Ramadan

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You can give the gift of Nasheeds, drumming and celebrating our beautiful deen through our online workshops.

Who is Mystic Beats?

With over 15 years’ experience, Mystic Beats has been delivering Daff Drumming workshops to a wide variety of groups and is now giving YOU the exciting opportunity to sponsor Online Daff Drumming Workshops across the Globe…..
Our clients range from community organisations, international charities, mosques, primary and secondary schools, faith groups, through to weddings and scout groups.
Mystic Beats has worked with several renowned artists such as Nader Khan (Canada) and Khaleel
Muhammad, Mikaeel Mala and Ahmad Rubbani to name a few.
Our aim is to spread positivity, promote unity, peace and wellbeing and to enhance the Remembrance of Allah (swt) and His Beloved (saw) in the heart through Inshaads and Daff Drumming.

What are the benefits of drumming?

Research shows that playing a musical instrument such as the Duff Drum has numerous benefits for both our spiritual and intellectual benefits, this includes:

  • sharpening concentration
  • encouraging confidence
  • supporting creativity
  • reduces tension, anxiety and stress
  • promotes happiness and positivity
  • enhancing co-ordination
  • encourages discipline

Still not convinced? In addition to all of this, drumming is being used to treat PTSD, Addictions, ADHD and other special needs. Some psychologists argue that drumming is more effective than anti-depressants!

Details of the workshops

Ladies only workshops (aged 16+)

Children only workshops (girls 7-15 years, boys 7-10 years)

The workshops include Nasheed training, History of Duff drumming in Islam, the teaching of Rhythms and application of Rhythms to Nasheeds.

Please get in touch via our website or Facebook to register your interest to enrol on the workshops.

Other Opportunities

If you would like to explore how Mystic Beats can work with your organisation or cause, please get in touch through our website or Facebook.


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