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The Quran repeatedly says give Zakat, it is the third pillar of  Islam. Each of the pillars is vital but none more so than Zakat. It contributes to growth, development and strengthening our Deen and relationship with Allah.

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Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK)


“Those who perform the prayer, pay Zakat and believe firmly in the Hereafter. They follow their Lord’s guidance and are the successful” (Luqman: 4-5)

If you have £3500 or more in your savings, then it is obligatory to give 2.5% as Zakat to the causes of Allah and Islam.

In a society where social media influence is high and where personal and professional distractions are taking many Muslims away from their Deen, your Zakat will help to ensure that tomorrows generation of Muslims stay on the straight path.


We will ensure that 100% of your donation goes to the causes of Islam, which will help to address societies problems and support future generations of Muslims to ensure Deen is at the heart of everything they do.


  1. Arranging weekly Quran Study Circles, online webinars to spread the light of Islam through The Majestic Quran.
  2. Organise webinars on topics such as personal development, spiritual development, Tafseer and Seerah.
  3. Coordinating weekly lessons for studying the Quran in Urdu for brothers and sisters.
  4. Publishing booklets and leaflets for religious guidance on a range of topics.
  5. Free distribution of The Majestic Quran.


  1. Providing 1:1 support to integrate them into the Muslim community.
  2. Offering 1:1 weekly Quran classes for brothers and sisters.
  3. Arranging support through Ramadhan for spiritual, social and moral development.
  4. Giving financial support to those facing hardship.


  1. Eradicating Islamophobia through school workshops.
  2. Promoting trust among British Muslims and wider society through education and dialogue.
  3. Sharing British values of mutual respect through hosting inter-faith activities.
  4. Organising workshops that promote respect for neighbours by sharing the message of Islam.


  1. Teaching character development as there is a need for Imams and teachers who can work in the community.
  2. Recruiting high calibre Teachers and Imams for our centres.
  3. Teaching advanced level Quranic studies, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic language and grammar and Theology (Alim course).
  4. Developing Muslim leaders in Britain, to lead on Interfaith Dialogue and Tassawuf.


For more information about our projects, please click HERE.

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JazakAllahu Khairan: May Allah alleviate all difficulties in your path and bless you with more success.

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May Allah bless you with prosperity & success and achieve every goal in life

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May Allah bless you with tremendous courage to stand for humanity throughout your life.

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May Allah accept your dua and bless you with strong imaan, sabr, happiness and long age with taqwarn

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May Allah Bless You With All The Highest Levels Of Jannah And Happiness And Success In This Life And The Next

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JazakAllahu Khairan: You are amazing. May Allah reward you and your family for making a difference.

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Karimia Institute

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Karimia Institute is a national charity working across the United Kingdom. We are an innovative and dynamic Muslim organisation. We have developed centres for worship, education, training and self-development in various locations around the UK. The scope and variety of our activities are focused on bringing about a personal, spiritual and moral awakening in the individual.
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