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Help us raise funds to build a Masjid for this poor community.

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, Bangladesh

We are fundraising for a Masjid & Madrasah in a destitute area of Bangladesh.

Established in 2000, JR Trust has always been committed to helping those less fortunate in Bangladesh.

Currently, we are raising awareness and appealing for fundraising efforts for a Masjid and Madrasah in a destitute area of Bangladesh.

Jamalgonj Sunamgonj the village is situated in the picturesque Sunamgonj District of the capital city, Sylhet. The village itself is set in the middle of a ‘Hawor’, or Island. Unfortunately, the residents of Jamalgonj Sunamgonj are plagued with poverty and poor education.

Throughout the hardships they continue to face, the villagers still have strong connections to their Islamic roots and religion.

The continued survival and main income of these people is harvesting the crop from the surrounding paddy fields. However, when the monsoon season arrives, these fields (and the vital crop yields that they produce) are lost to severe flooding.

JR Trust is now asking for your help in a groundbreaking and important project that will improve the villagers long term quality of life. Together with your help and support, we can raise the vital funds required for a Masjid and Madrasah. We strongly believe that everyone, regardless of their situation, has access to a safe place to practice their religion and make positive life changes through education.

As a charity, we have never asked for help before in public. Please help us make a difference.



Johura Rashid Trust
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Fatmabibi Bhaiyat £10 September 04, 2021
Fatmabibi Yunus £10 July 15, 2021
Fatmabibi Yunus £10 June 27, 2021
Mazedul Hasan Shakil £250 May 13, 2021
Bodrul Alam £10 May 11, 2021
Dulon Miah £10 May 10, 2021
Zillur Rahman £25 May 05, 2021
Kazi Ahmed £25 April 27, 2021
Nabil Kazi £100 April 24, 2021
Mokbul Ahmed £100 April 24, 2021
Refa Hussain £25 April 22, 2021
Chowdhury Hasan £50 April 21, 2021
Refa Hussain £25 April 17, 2021
K Kazi £100 April 11, 2021
Fahmida Shahjahan £50 April 09, 2021