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Hifz sponsorship for just £30 per month or £360 for the year. Giving immeasurable reward in the future. The perfect Sadaqa Jaria donation.

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Sponsor a Hifz student to memorise the Quran.

A beautiful opportunity to gain immense reward for educating and supporting a poor child. Not only does it turn their life around and give the child hope for the future, you as the donor will gain from endless reward beyond measure, in the future every time the Quran is recited.

Many of the children memorising the Qurna are orphans. There is reward for caring for an orphan, there is reward for educating a child, there is reward for helping the poor. The reward for combining these is immeasurable.

Our unique Hifz sponsorship programme is a three-year course based on the kind of support we would like for our own children, along with Islamic religious guidance that is proven to have a lasting impact on the lives of Muslim children. The programme gives children the skills needed to succeed in later life with character building, tarbeeyah, mathematics and literature too all in a positive, fun and enriching environment.

Our Hifz classes are small and led by experienced teachers using modern techniques with a child-centric approach that focusses on the individual child’s progress and unique rate of learning because every child is different and every child matters.

By the end of year three, children will have typically completed their Hifz and can go on to study further Islamic sciences. many go on to study further or take up positions to teach others. The reward of this will have an impact on your life in the future.

It costs just £30 per month to sponsor a Hafiz. Please consider sponsoring a Hafiz for a whole year at £360 or if Allah has given you the means, sponsor the full 3 year period for £1080.

May Allah bless you and your family abundantly.

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Sponsor a hafiz student to memorise the quran for one month

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Sponsor a hafiz student to memorise the quran for six month

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Sponsor a hafiz student to memorise the quran for a whole year

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Sponsor a hafiz student to memorise the quran fully over a period of 3 years.

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Syed M A H Shah