Feed The Hungry

Make a small difference to help reduce food poverty amongst the less fortunate in poor communities around the Muslim world.

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Worldwide millions of Muslims struggle to afford food and remain hungry day after day. Many of whom die from starvation or malnutrition.

This is an appeal to make a small difference to help reduce food poverty amongst the less fortunate in poor Muslim communities around the world.

For many, this is the toughest time in recent history, including the UK, because of coronavirus lockdown and we want to feed and support as many people as we can reach.

So whether you are making a general Sadaqah donation, paying you Zakat or even paying Fidyah & Kaffara for fasts missed in the past, now is a great time to make your contribution.


Is a voluntary donation which you can make at any time. We are encouraged to do this regularly and it is one of the most rewarding actions you can do.


This is an annual compulsory donation of 2.5% of your wealth which you have owned for one year.

Fidyah & Kaffara

Allah teaches us that we have an obligation to give Fidyah to make up for each missed fast. This is a ‘Sa’ of wheat and scholars have differed on the modern-day equivalent of a ‘Sa’ but are in agreement that is equal to a poor person’s daily sustenance. This means two meals per day and in the UK, this is £5 per missed fast. Kaffarah is payable by people who have missed or broken a fast during Ramadan, without a valid reason. To compensate, the person must either fast for 60 days or pay to have 60 people fed. This amounts to £300.

Our Food programme

We have Feeding programmes in:

Bihar, India

Tharparkar desert and South Punjab area of Pakistan

Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

Makkah al Mukarramah

Madina tul Munawwarah



Throughout Africa including Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea Bissau & Tanzania

May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you and your family.






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Iftaar donation as Sadaqah

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Fidya for the whole month

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