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Give the gift of mobility to the disabled in the poor desert area of Tharparkar. Donate a wheelchair today.

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Tharparkar, Pakistan

We are fundraising for wheelchairs for disabled people in Tharparkar, Pakistan.

The desert region of Tharparkar is one of the poorest areas in the whole of South Asia where the death toll due to malnourishment is very high.  The Government of Sindh has declared that Tharparkar is a calamity-affected area due to extreme drought conditions. An area where 1.2 million people live without the necessity of life such as food sanitation water school medical dispensaries gas or electricity.

The levels of poverty are absolutely shocking. Thousand can’t afford food or the basic necessities of life so those who are disabled are particularly vulnerable.  For poor families paying for a wheelchair is considered a luxury.

We are providing wheelchairs in the desert where people live below the poverty line in the most underdeveloped area in Pakistan. This will enable them to at least become mobile.

Our disabled brothers and sisters in Tharparkar need our help today and providing mobility will make a considerable difference to their lives.

Each wheelchair costs just £45 and we want to raise funds for 100 wheelchairs.

May Allah reward you for your support.



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