Ramadan appeal for child labour in Bangladesh

COVID-19 is driving more people in Bangladesh into extreme poverty and as a result pushing more children into work when they should be at school. Your donations this Ramadan will help us reach, feed, clothe and teach the most vulnerable and excluded working children doing hazardous work and domestic labour in Bangladesh.


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Sylhet, Bangladesh

Help us stop child labour

It is estimated that there are 3.45m working children in Bangladesh despite child labour being against the law and school being compulsory up to age 14. Being an illegal workforce, children as young as 5 years old are exploited by their employers without recourse to labour rights and are denied their right to an education and a childhood free from harm.

Lack of capacity to earn a living is at the root of child labour; adult illness, the loss of a breadwinner or other catastrophe can quickly push families into poverty, forcing children into work to contribute to the household income. To solve the problem we provide education sessions to working children, we support their parents into sustainable income generation so they can afford to send their children to school instead of work and we campaign locally and nationally for an end to child labour.

This Ramadan we want to provide:

400 Eid family food packs (£5 each)

400 Eid clothes for working children (£5 per child)

Support for 100 families (£100 each)

Education materials for children (£10 each)

Teachers’ salaries (£100 per month)

Classroom rent (£40 per month)

2021 is the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour but COVID-19 is threatening to drive more children out of school and into work. Your donations will help us break the cycle of child labour by getting working children back into education as well as helping to address the root causes of child labour by supporting their families.

Since 2013 Education for Change has been educating up to 300 children a year in hazardous jobs and support them away from child labour and into school or vocational training. Every child’s literacy, numeracy and life skills improves as does their levels of health and wellbeing. Our work with the children’s families generates the support they need to rise out of poverty and provide for their household without having to send their children to work.

Mohammed Sayem

Education for Change
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We are UK registered charity and an international NGO working to end child labour in Bangladesh. We do this by educating working children so they can enrol in school or vocational training, and educating employers, parents and the local community about child rights to reduce the employment of children. We also support the families of the children on our programmes with pathways out of poverty so that they can afford to send their children to school instead of work.