Bringing Quality of Life to an Orphan Child

Just £120 covers all of a child’s educational expenses for one year. Support us to educate 100 orphans per year.

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Sindh, Pakistan

It’s a gloomy picture of society seeing day to day the worsening situation of street or orphan children in Pakistan. These children are treated badly. When a child in Pakistan loses his/her father their chances for survival decrease steeply. In order to stay alive, these children and their mothers, often resort to begging or stealing. Drug abuse is not uncommon. Most horrifyingly, without sufficient parental or governmental protection, these children are forced to work as prostitutes or slaves


The problem remains of an unheeding attitude of cruel society wherein these children remain at the mercy of the community who give them scornful looks and affect their self-esteem. They are never regarded as members of the community. They are subjected to verbal and physical abuse which makes them rebel and finally they end up in a life of crime or prostitution. This should not be allowed to continue and the only left option is to foster these children and educate them so they can live a life of dignity.


A small donation can make a tremendous difference in the life of one child, and give the child the opportunity to grow into a productive citizen–and enable that child to effect positive change going forward in the world. Just £120 covers all of a child’s educational expenses for one year. Our goal is to raise £12000 annually to fund education for 100 children each year

Long-Term Impact

100 Children get free quality Education and they can live their life.

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Educate an orphan for one year

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