Blood Bank in Tharparkar

Muslim Rose Welfare is raising funds to save human life by establishing a blood bank in Tharparkar Dessert, Pakistan.

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Tharparkar, Pakistan

During operations and procedures, it is imperative that doctors have access to a blood bank for lifesaving surgeries, without it a patient could lose too much blood during an operation and die. Especially with major surgeries, the loss of blood is often fatal, but the use of a blood bank can solve this.

Unfortunately, hospitals in Tharparkar with their lacking facilities do not have access to an adequate blood bank to perform operations safely. Due to this, patients are dying in Tharparkar on the operating table for reasons which can be avoided. With your generosity, Muslim Rose Welfare are able to save human life by building a blood bank for the hospital.

So far £2000 has been raised however, more funds are required to reach the target of £10,000. Please find it in your hearts to donate generously and save lives.

The local Hospital Civil Hospital Mithi has made a name for themselves being home to the tragedy of Amit Sonara bleeding out on the operating table due to the negligence of a blood bank.

This highlights how important this problem is.

Please note the sensitive image, though we hope this helps portray the severity of the situation. Something must be done as soon as possible.

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