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Aghosh Alkhidmat works for orphans who lose their parents or paternal support in the first 14 years of their life

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ST 3, Second floor, Quba Complex, Federal B Area Karachi, Pakistan., Pakistan

Alkhidmat Foundation, a registered NGO since 1990, is a leading network with an objective to provide humanitarian services across Pakistan. The NGO’s sole aim is to serve humanity without discrimination by religion, race, cast, sect, language, or political affiliation. Alkhidmat is working in seven areas including; health, education, orphan care, clean water, disaster management, mawakhat (microfinancing), and community services.

As we know, Orphans belong to the most vulnerable group of our society especially from deprived and economically disadvantaged areas of Pakistan. In Pakistan, around 50 Million children are under 15 years of age, out of which about 4.2 million are orphans and half of them are certainly vulnerable and deprived of their basic rights. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has developed a well-connected network that helps to reach such vulnerable orphans before they get trapped by any non-human factor of the society. We have 10 orphanages in Pakistan and an additional 6 are under construction. One of them is going to be established in Hala (Mityari-Sindh). The proposed land of 1.5 acres to build Aghosh Home at Hala is just 10 KM away from the main Hala city. It will serve 200 orphans with all the necessary facilities and gilt-edged advantages to uplift their living standards and to promote the culture of fraternity so that they become a useful asset of our society.

Aghosh Orphanage Hala The First Orphanage in Sindh

In Pakistan, around 50 Million children are under 15 years of age, out of which about 4.2 million are orphans and half of them are certainly vulnerable and deprived of their basic rights. So many of them belong to the Sindh region. There are no facilities for those orphans and Aghosh is the first orphanage on the land of Sindh at Mityari (Hala) where all of the orphans will be facilitated with the basic needs including education, accommodation, food and healthy environment which will let them grow generously.

Broad Objectives

  • To assist deserving orphans in terms of residence, education and health facility, who are deprived mainly because of poverty?
  • To provide free Residence, Education and other facilities to orphans to improve their living standards and to groom them for making useful assets of the society.
  • To fulfil the religious duty of helping orphans.
  • To promote a culture of Fraternity among Muslims.

Infrastructure of Aghosh

  • Rooms to accommodate children.
  • Administrator Officer
  • Accounts Office.
  • Warden Room
  • Guest Room
  • 2 Stores
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Hall
  • Library & Computer Lab
  • Tandoor
  • Barber Room
  • Laundry
  • 2 Supporting Staff Room

Facilities at Aghosh

  • Gigantic capacious buildings for the accommodation of orphans.
  • Congenial atmosphere for ideological and moral grooming.
  • Unmatchable boarding & lodging facilities.
  • Provision of Central Heating System in dormitories.
  • Intellectual and educational patronage by the highly educated and dedicated supervisory staff.
  • Periodical medical checkups by panels of specialists.
  • Consistent personality building activities.
  • Regular extra coaching classes for weak students.
  • Indoor and outdoor game facilities at adjacent huge ground.
  • A computer lab to promote computer literacy.
  • Matric level education in the school.
  • Annual recreational and educational tours.
  • Provision of Fire Fighting System in the living area.
  • Installation of CCTV in each room.
  • Transportation facility.


Definitely, we require a heavy budget for the project, and as always, the corporate sector supports us to serve society at best. Our constructional budget is split into the project cost which is Rs. 72,600,000 (accumulated) that is Rs. 432,143/- per orphan. This can only be possible with the assistance of the affluent part of our society. So, we are in front of you to sponsor the orphans. They need us!

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Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh

Alkhidmat Foundation
Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh is the region of AKFP advancing, non-benefit and autonomous organization, wholly devoted to helpful administration. In spite of the fact that Al-Khidmat Foundation authoritatively enrolled in 1990 as an NGO, having an impressive record of open administration that goes as far over as the independence of Pakistan. Furnishing safe house, nourishing and treating outcasts and protecting the deservers has dependably been the trademark of Alkhidmat Foundation. Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh being non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization is committed to serving humanity especially vulnerable and orphans without any kind of discrimination to contribute in their well-being of health, education, financial sustainability, livelihood, shelter, availability of clean water, mosques, savage of disaster and other aspects of life and for the welfare of its employees by means of resource mobilization and developing a partnership with NGOs, other concerned public & private organizations, supporting, engaging in and during useful programs and doing all such acts, deeds and things required to achieve above with integrity.