Ramadan Iftar/Food for Needy Host Community, Give ZAKAT & SADAQAH

The Prayer of the Angels for those who offer Iftar in Ramadan

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Mbale, Uganda

Ramadan being a special time for fasting and worshipping, our little support can help thousands of Mbale Muslims with food packs to observe this holy month. Our food packs with groceries & essential items will help each family to have food for one week.

We urge you to make the best use of Ramadan 2022 by giving Zakat & Sadaqah to feed the deserving Mbale Muslims.

Please visit: Rahma Relief Foundation Uganda 

The Prophet PBUH said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” – Al-Tirmidhi

The Features:

The Mbale Muslims, who lost their livelihood following horrific persecution, are constantly suffering from a lack of food supply. In Ramadan, we fear they will go hungry beyond iftar time. There is no festivity in their lives during the holy month. They look on us for our help.

Alhamdulillah with your support in 2021, RRFU provided Food packs:

–Iftar Food Boxes to 85,00 Mbale Muslims & Local Community

–Every Day Iftar Meals to Break the Fasting to 200 needy & Local Community in the entire month of Ramadan

With your contribution, every day hundreds of lives are touched by RRFU programs. RRFU programs are bringing basic services to the doorstep of Uganda and other disadvantaged people.

RRFU health clinics are providing essential medical care to over 100 needy every day, our six learning centres are offering free education to 600 deprived refugee children every week, our orphan centres are nurturing 100 orphans at our centres. Please visit our projects to learn more:


Rahma Relief Foundation Uganda is a registered non-profit charity organization based in Uganda, dedicated to providing aid and development assistance to distressed needful and other disadvantaged people in Uganda.

To learn more about RRFU, please check our active campaigns on Rahma and visit our Facebook page or our website at: https://www.rahmarelieffoundationug.com






The Prayer of the Angels for those who offer Iftar in Ramadan

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SubhanAllah! Your generosity will provide food for these families.

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Campaign Ended


Rahma Relief Foundation Uganda
RAHMA RELIEF FOUNDATION UGANDA is an international aid relief and development organisation located in the EASTERN UGANDA 🇺🇬. We are a global humanitarian and development organisation here to serve Humanity around needful areas in Uganda. We aim to improve lives, alleviate poverty, transform and empower local communities whilst championing humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. OUR VISION is to insipire and empower volunarable communities in across the country of uganda and neighborhood countries surrounded Uganda