Supported Living/lives Join hands to improve lives of Asylum, House the homeless, disabilities and Young adults in society

Helping to improve the lives of vulnerable, homeless, Asylum and Young adults.

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England, United Kingdom (UK)

Join me in the ethos of helping to improve the lives of vulnerable, house the homeless, Asylum and help Young adults in society. We aim to provide support advice and resources to those in need. Provide safe and adequate housing to those experiencing homelessness.

Do you someone who has disabilities?

Do you know someone who is vulnerable?

Do you know someone who has been a victim of abuse and domestic violence.

It can  be very lonely and traumatic. No child or adult should be left out in the cold. We can make a difference. Let’s join hands and help to house vulnerable, asylum and Young adults in society.
With funds raised the aim is to house, accommodate and improve lives of those vulnerable.

We can all do something. You can donate any amount. Remember it all adds up. You Can donate Zaqat. let’s put a smile on as many faces and families as we can.

Campaign Ended

Shamim Akhtar