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Manchester Muslim College has been running for almost 10 years. In that time Alhamdulillah we have graduated 5 groups of male and female scholars who have completed our 5 year full time Dars e Nizami (Islamic Scholarship) programme. Many of these are now serving in mosques and Islamic education establishments around the UK, while others are continuing to further their studies at universities and institutes both in the UK and abroad.

In addition to the full time Dars e Nizami we also run our weekend Islamic Studies program called “Al-Misbah” which is designed for those who are unable to commit to the full time course but are still looking to gain a detailed insight in to the Islamic sciences.

As well as this we offer various short courses throughout the year covering a variety if more specific topics.

Approximately 2 years ago the project moved to its new home in North Manchester under the name Manchester Muslim College, supported by North Manchester Jami’ Mosque.
In the past 2 years we have graduated over 20 male and female scholars.

Although the college usually suffices with student tuition fees, due to the extreme pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are struggling to cover our finances for this year and so we are making a public appeal.

This is an opportunity for you to set up a lasting form of charity (Sadaqah Jaariyah) for yourself and your loved ones. As long as the students who gain knowledge with your support continue to benefit from it and pass it on to others, your reward will continue to multiply and could do so until the day of judgement.

The survival of the Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah in the UK is directly dependent upon the production of British scholars who can serve the needs of the Muslim community.

Please donate as much as you can to help us reach our target of £20,000.


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Manchester Muslim College

It is our aim to provide our communities with leaders that can tackle the increasing number of challenges facing the British Muslim Community. As well as the many social issues requiring pastoral care and advice, we aim to prepare our students to be able to tackle issues such as Extremism and Islamophobia. We try to focus on the needs of each individual student and aim to nurture each student in order to ensure their journey at The Manchester Muslim College is successful and progressive.