Fundraiser for Palestine

Fundraiser to help people of  Palestine who have been suffering Israel’s brutalities since decades. 

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Ireland, Ireland

We are a community of young people based in Ireland who are appalled by the growing violence and injustice that is taking place in Palestine. We came together to organise a fundraiser to help the people of Palestine as best as we can. We will be fundraising door to door in our own neighbourhoods but we have also set up this this online fundraiser for donations.
Violence has erupted in East Jerusalem and Gaza, with Palestinian families being forcefully removed from their homes and hundreds murdered by the airstrikes being carried out by Israel, as well as the brutal attacks on civilians by the “Israel Defence Forces” also known as the IDF. This number includes more than 60 children, over 35
women and some medical workers. International news
offices such as Al Jazeera News and The Associated Press have also been bombed in a bid to silence any information reaching the international community. Children are constantly being buried under the rubble of what was once their home. These innocent lives are under consistent threat as rivers of blood flow through Gaza. Their only crime : being Palestinian.

This is a battle for the basic human rights of Palestinians. The proceeds will be going to International Human Rights Commission, Islamic Relief Ireland and some other charities providing emergency aid on the ground in Palestine .

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